Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bill Hybels & Richard Curtis

In watching Bill Hybels interview with Richard Curtis I felt very motivated and inspired to help the poor. Oftentimes we get so caught up in our own ministry and forget about the desperate need of people all over the world who could use some the excess that we have been blessed with here in America. The story of Richard Curtis ought to put many of us Christians to shame because of how much more he is doing for hurting people when we ourselves are sitting on the sidelines. Richard Curtis chooses to bring hope to people in his movies in a world and box office where people would consider that foolish. He also chooses to use his ability of producing great movies to bring awareness to the problems that are evident in Africa and other countries in need. Without having a relationship with Christ he still finds it to be a great enough need and problem that he is willing to use his talents to the best of his abilities to make a change in the world. I think we can all learn from Richard Curtis’ tenacity in helping the poor and providing hope to people. I also think Bill Hybels should be applauded for taking a step out into the world and hosting this leadership summit so that the world can see and meet great leaders like this.

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